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"Unhappy Meals", Michael Pollan, New York TImes, January 28, 2007.  "The story of how the most basic questions about what to eat ever  got so complicated, reveals a great deal about the institutional imperatives of the food industry, nutritional science and journalism; three parties that stand to gain much from widespread confusion surrounding what is after all, the most elemental question an omnivore confronts."  The article may be downloaded as a PDF here.


Products & Product Information

MediHerb - MediHerb is an Australian-owned company that provides superior herbal products to healthcare professionals.  Their Qualified  Activity Program ensures the production of consistent quality extracts with guaranteed minimum levels of active constituents.  MediHerb's website includes a wealth of information on medicinal plants, herbs and extracts.


Standard Process - Whole Food Supplements Since 1929.  Their website includes patient information on whole foods as the best source of nutrients.


Local Activities


Harbor House - Located in Southwest Harbor, Maine; Harbor House Community Services Center offers a variety of health and fitness programs for all ages, as well as sports camps for many sports and skill levels.  Harbor House's mission is "to provide a diversity of services which conserve and enrich the quality of life on Mount Desert Island."

















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